About Anne Abgott

Anne Abgott

Canadian-born Anne Abgott maintains a studio in Cortez, Florida. She is the author of the No. 1 best-selling book, "Daring Color," by North Light Publishing. She also has three videos showcasing her work and teaching skills: “Simply Daring Color” by Artist Palette Productions and two videos with Artist Network TV, also a North Light presentation.

Anne is a past president of the Florida Watercolor Society, the Florida SunCoast watercolor society, and Art Center Manatee. Anne teaches workshops and judges competitive shows all over the U.S. and Canada. Her events calendar can be found on the Events Calendar page and a gallery of her works can be found in the Galleries sections. Anne's original paintings and giclee prints can be found at AGAMI Artist Guild of Anna Maria on Anne Maria Island; and the Studio on Pine Ave Anna Maria Island.

Anne had long ago set some goals for herself – her bucket list you might say –  primarily the AWS, NWS signature status. In 2013, she was lucky enough to achieve these goals and continued to paint – but not with the excitement and the thrill it once had for her. She realized something was missing and took a good look at what was happening in today's art world. A computer was being used by many artists in intriguing and interesting ways, and she decided to hire someone to take the fear and loathing she had for the machine away.

She began taking images, some of which were very old, and manipulated them to come up with exciting results that put the fire back into her painting. These images had a “wow” factor that was missing from her compositions and paintings.

She has spent a couple of years working with her enhanced images and with opaque watercolors, and these paintings have been successful for her in competitions and sales. Mission watercolors have some beautiful tube grays, and she began experimenting by adding transparent watercolor to tint the tube grays, along with mixing paints by using opaque white watercolor.

Anne has achieved Signature status in seven National Watercolor Societies, not including the holy grail for watercolorists: AWS and NWS. She has won over 100 awards from competitive shows both locally and nationally. Her recent awards have been in National Watercolor Society, Southwest Watercolor Society, San Diego Watercolor Society.

Anne began painting in oils as a child and was mentored by Alexander Luke, one of the premier Canadian artists.

She moved to Florida in 1998 and began working in watercolor. She is very influenced by the light and color she finds in Florida, and she has honed her skills with many, many hours of painting. She has found an art-rich environment in Florida and feels that the encouragement and friendship of the local artists are a big part of her success. She is an acclaimed mentor and true master teacher. She has been an “art mom” to her students, and many have gone on to become accomplished and award-winning artists themselves. She has conducted over 100 workshops and is in demand as a juror for many exhibitions.

Anne’s paintings available for sale in original or print form. For purchasing information, please contact directly at 941-795-5181 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


I have purchased many watercolor instruction books in the past few years since taking up watercolor painting and I have to tell you, if this was the first book I purchased, I wouldn't have had to have any others.

Elizabeth Irvine

Through the Artist Network, I have been watching the two video’s of your watercolor techniques. I love them! You explain things very well and are open about how you work and what you know. It is such a joy to hear how you solve the difficulties of watercoloring. I want to thank you and let you know how much I enjoy the lessons.

Anne Marie Potmeera

I am so enjoying your new video “Watercolor Techniques for Colorful Shadows”. I could hardly contain my excitement…as your book, Daring Color…is one of my go-to references. Thanks so much for your great instruction. I can’t wait for the second video to be released.

Kara Dodge